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"The role of education is to prepare children for a world that hasn't been invented yet." Karen Kirkland

When I was at school, the role of a web designer or computer programmer didn't exist. The world is so different now. We have 24/7 mobile technology that keeps us in touch with the world. Good or bad, these innovations are here to stay and new ones are being invented all the time. As educators we have to prepare our students to think and be creative in this rapidly changing world. Our future depends on creative innovation. Music teaches many skills which help to develop the whole person, allowing children to be creative and encouraging them to think out of the box. Our present education system is orientated towards the teaching of the core subject’s English, Maths, History, Geography, Science and Languages. Where are the Arts? 

The world is constantly changing. We are the 2nd developed nation in the world with the highest debt. India and China are rapidly developing with massive opportunities for investments, business, technology and research. We live in an ever changing global market. Our education system should allow for more creativity, to keep up with these rapid changes. Let’s think about our gifted and talented children. India has more registered gifted and talented children than we have children in education. Why are we down grading the Arts? 

How can teachers be more creative in schools with a limited budget? Music is one of our most valuable creative tools. Singing in schools is a fantastic way to make music accessible to all, regardless of ability and school budgets. Head teachers just need to have the courage, confidence and vision to encourage singing in their school. 

The benefits of music across the curriculum are well documented. I have worked with many teachers on whole class music projects in primary schools. Teachers comment on improvements in behaviour, concentration, attendance and self confidence. The opportunities are limitless and the contribution to school life invaluable.

I regularly have the wonderful experience of listening to my songs being performed live in schools. It doesn't matter if it's a solo, class performance or a mass choir of 2000, the same excitement and sense of achievement is still there on the children's faces, especially when they realise they are performing in the presence of the composer. Every performance is different and it’s fantastic to see the children being creative with my songs. I am always learning new dance moves and actions to go with my lyrics. Talking of lyrics, all the performances are from memory. A child's ability to absorb information and the speed that they learn is astonishing. Singing, especially from memory, is fantastic for the mental agility of the brain for adults and children. The "feel good" factor of singing is well documented and has been proven to be beneficial for depression. 

I started this article by saying "The role of education is to prepare children for a world that hasn't been invented yet". Let's educate our children to be creative and have the skills to cope with whatever the future may bring. 

Karen Kirkland

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