Karen Kirkland Music | Composer - Performer - Teacher


If you have a child at a Shropshire primary school, the chances are they will have sung one of Karen's songs. Karen is a published composer of both children's and choral music. Karen's collection of songs and choral works are published on CD or separate sheet music by the internationally renowned educational publisher Millgate House. All of Karen's collection are available through this website. The children's songs have all been piloted by Shropshire Music Service through various music festivals and by teachers in Shropshire schools. The feedback from children, parents and teachers has been very positive. Karen's 'big break' as a composer came around 2001 when a song she had written called 'Let the children play' was featured on the Alternative song for Europe by Carlton TV. Karen was asked to compose some songs for a county wide project called 'Shropshire Sings'. These songs became the first collection 'That sounds good to me'. This was followed by the Christmas collection, 'A snowman winked at me'. The third collection, all on CD, is 'Wonders of the sea' again written for Shropshire Sings. Karen has always loved composing. She studied for a music degree at Cardiff University and then gained a teaching qualification at Birmingham University. She began her career as a secondary school teacher. But it isn't just children's music that Karen devotes her talents to. She sings with the Shrewsbury based Of One Accord choir and they have recorded her carol 'Hear the angels sing'. This carol was used by Alan Bullard, one of the top UK choral composers, during his repertoire teaching session at the annual conference of the Association of British Choral Directors. Of One Accord have also premiered Karen's choral settings of the Wilfred Owen poem 'Futility' and John Masefield's poem 'Seafever' at Shrewsbury Abbey. 'Futility' was used at the same conference at the Royal Northern School of Music by top conductor Peter Broadbent. "A Peace Blessing" dedicated to the project One Day One Choir was recently performed at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

All of Karen's compositions are published by Millgate House Education on CD or as sheet music and are available through this website. You can also listen to short sound bits. New compositions are being added all the time. 

Karen also does commissions so if you need a song, choral work or piece of instrumental music for a particular project or occasion then please get in touch.