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The town of Blanca were the first to welcome the choir with a joint performance with the town's band. The choir also had the honour of performing later in the week at the Pedro Cano Foundation Art Gallery. The internationally renowned artist Pedro Cano flew over from Italy to be present at the concert. A representative from the town council officially welcomed the choir before their next performance in Caravaca de la Cruz at the beautiful church of San Jose. The Mayor of Cehegin officially welcomed the choir to his town before a performance at the church of Maria Magdalena. Moratalla International Music Festival was the venue for the final concert at the Trista Teatro de Moratalla. This joint concert with the city's band and Coral Voces de Moratalla officially marked the start of a month of cultural activities supported by the Department of Culture of the City of Moratalla. Of One Accord were featured in a special report on the local television program "Mas Moratalla" leading up to the concert and the performance was broadcast on Spanish television.